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Preparation for becoming a staff Empty Preparation for becoming a staff

Post by Russel on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:42 am


I'm sure all of us have had thoughts about becoming staff in the past, present or future. Many of the forum members have ideas on how to go about it too, (do something extravagant, take advantage of another, work for it, or simply beg). Many of the things I said in that last sentence aren't ideal, they do not show what you can really do as a staff member, or how you could help the community in a manner of being apart of the administration. But I'm going to tell you how to prepare yourself, and teach you how to be apart of the staffing forum the good way. (There are various ways, but I find this the easiest, and the best.)

Exclamation Seeker of Truth

Exclamation Join the forum, and the first thing you want to do is study the rules. Take them to memory for future reference. Why would you need to do this? It's the first step in preparation. If you are to enforce the rules, you must know them.

Exclamation Understand the ideas of the forum. Make sure you know what you're getting into before you apply for staff. You don't want to assist something that disinterest you, or you even dislike strongly.

Exclamation Get to know the members, and administration. This is a key step in your path. You must acknowledge all ideas put forth, and boast your opinion on them. Attain your voice, it's the only way. Get to know the community leaders, and people of all kinds. The more diversity you learn from, and cling to, the more your name becomes populated, and revered. Become friends with a good majority, and wonderful things will happen to you.

Exclamation Get to know the forum content. This is definitely not a requirement, but it is something that is highly recommended. The more you know about the content, the more you can do to help the current staff on that site. You'll become known as a helper, and your opinions will be taken into higher account, and your name revered even more.

Exclamation Work, work, work. Posting is a key part in becoming staff. This doesn't mean spamming the forum endlessly attempting to up your post count, but it means raising your voice on subjects, and teaching others in different situations. As a wanna-be-staffer you should help with things that are not getting done, and take things into your own hands. This way, the current staff knows your a dedicated, and hard worker, and they'll want you on their team. (But remember, these things take time.)

Exclamation Sentence Structure, and how you type. Make sure you teach yourself how to type. Try to use as much grammar as possible when writing out your messages, and other information. This will make you look more professional, and more understandable.

Exclamation Believe in yourself. Never give up in your pursuit of becoming a staff member on the site you enjoy coming to. Just keep working and eventually, if you put enough effort in, you'll get it.

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